Zero gravity bites.

Ground Control To Major Tomato

Silver reflective mulch has such a  space age look and feel that we put Matt Mason Spaceman on the case. Matt reports that he needed shades as he gently floated over our freshly-planted tomato plants — despite the overcast day. Finding a few dry hours has proven challenging. But we’ve been disciplined and avoided the temptation of planting […]

On the prowl for grape jelly.

Orioles Blaze Through Town

It does not feel like spring until we’ve had a visit from our migrating friends, the Baltimore Orioles. Once we hear their song in the trees, out comes the grape jelly and the show begins! Another bold neighborhood bird with a more muted plumage is the mewing Catbird. A taste for jam brings him to […]

This is the ‘Chicken of Happiness’ created and photographed by Farmer J last year. Now available as a mouse pad. Be the first one in your cubicle farm to own one! You can get one here: http://bit.ly/b6TpZl You can also get this image on a t-shirt, apron or even a coffee mug! Farmers T&J