Creature Feature

The Orioles Swing Through Town

We have been running to the windows since Farmer T spotted the first Baltimore Oriole.  They’ve been a welcome splash of color these rainy, spring days.  The Oriole at left is an Orchard Oriole.  Not as colorful as his bright orange cousin, the Baltimore Oriole, both birds have been fun to watch.  We’ve had as […]

A Red-bellied Woodpecker with Juvenile

Creature Feature

We were pleased to see a new addition to the Red-bellied woodpecker family.  Red-bellied woodpeckers are regular visitors to our suet feeder. For more information on this bird, check out The Cornell Lab of Ornithology site:

A Katydid Caught in the Act on a Paul Robeson

Insect Invasion

  We’ve found slugs, worms, and numerous other creatures munching away on our tomatoes.  Still, it is hard to complain.  Despite the cool weather and the insect onslaught, we managed to harvest a large basket of blushing beauties this morning.

Sassy Little Finch

Sunflower seeds don’t last long in Tomato Town.  The majestic flowers are quickly set upon by these jaunty yellow Goldfinches. Farmer J stalked these birds for about 2 weeks before she finally got a shot she likes.  Just this morning, we had 3 of them, on our bird feeder just outside our kitchen window. All […]

The Little Outlaw


Caught in the act!


Ok, so that is a bit strong…but we’ve had about 10 casualities in Tomato Town. We think a bird (or birds) got to this one as Farmer J has seen a Cardinal hanging out at the crime scene. We have witnessed one bandit with a tomato in his mouth, but we weren’t quick enough to […]

Friends of Tomato Town

Farmer J was wondering why the backyard suddenly became quiet – when she spotted this red-tailed hawk in the Siberian Elm tree. We’ve seen this bird before, and he is a most welcome visitor as he keeps the squirrels away. These beautiful creatures are often used in falconry, and are estimated to number about 1 […]

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

We had a brief visit from a doe and her fawn this evening.  They looked amazing, walking through the backyard in the fading light.  Both quickly dashed into the trees.  His mother was eager to move on after being spotted, but the fawn was curious and wandered back into the yard with mother in tow. […]

Creature Feature

Out scouting for wildlife while waiting for the big red ones to ripen.

Lady Killers

A lively bunch of ladies wearing spotted red dresses were unleashed in Tomato Town on Sunday to combat an infestation of what we think are flea beetles. The little fleas have turned our eggplant leaves into lace, and we are wanting to make sure they don’t turn to the tomato plants. Julie and I don’t […]