Celebrating Our 100th Post!

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Our First Ripe Tomato of the Season

Wouldn’t you know it. The first tomato of the season is from an Early Girl VF Hybrid. A very good friend was selling tomato plants for a good cause, so we bought a couple plants as an experiment. Despite depositing both plants in the least hospitable area of the garden, they have done extremely well.

Of course, Farmer J’s mother has long said that her garden just isn’t complete without a few Early Girls.  Here at TomatoTown, we have found that the variety has certainly proven to produce hardy plants with early results.

As if the first tomato of the season wasn’t celebration enough, we at TomatoTown are celebrating our 100th post. Thanks so much to our enthusiastic fans who have encouraged us along the way.  Gardening is a daily adventure!

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  1. James says:

    Congrats on the blog and the mater! Our first non-cherry was Nyagous!

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