O say can you see?

The first three

Today, we celebrate our independence from unripe tomatoes. While tying up our plants today (July 5th), Farmer J exclaimed, “Farmer T! Come here!” In her hand was a ripe black cherry tomato. The first known ripe tomato in Tomato Town. I’m guessing this little guy was ready yesterday, but a late return from vacation land hampered our discovery of this delicious fruit. Seconds later, she found two sungold cherry tomatoes hiding under the heavy foliage.

We ate them within minutes of their discovery.

2 Responses to “O say can you see?”

  1. Rod McBride says:

    I can’t wait for mine to ripen!

  2. admin says:

    We are looking forward to the larger varieties ripening. BLTs for breakfast, lunch, dinner!

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