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Berkley Tie Dye

The psychedelic Berkley Tie-Dye

Berkley Tie Dye

Berkley Tie Dye

No, this is not an acid flashback.  No, this is not the latest photo from the Hubble Telescope. This is the psychedelic tomato we have been waiting to ripen all summer.  And the taste is groovy, baby.

The Berkely Tie Dye

The Berkely Tie-Dye

Groovy Baby!

Groovy Baby!

This is the Berkley Tie-Die. A multi-colored, striped tomato with one of the best paint jobs in TomatoTown. We finally picked our first one on August 9. We’ll post pictures of a sliced one, if we can keep it around long enough to photograph. The first one we cut disappeared in seconds.

This variety, according to a quick bit of research, is from Wild Boar Farms in California. I respect any tomato mad scientist that uses “heirloom genetics and mutations” as a foundation for their funky tomatoes. We love mutants in TomatoTown. We respect the work of Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms for making such a good looking and tasty variety.

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  1. James says:

    I am sooooooooo jealous that words can not describe it! I worked so hard at trying to keep the few BTD seedling alive after the damping off disaster…I kept one plant for myself and only put the remaining few plants in the hands of accomplished gardeners that could truly appreciate this beauty. I’m so glad you have one ripe…my mom has a few ripening now…maybe we’ll get to sample one at some point. If not…next year will be the year! We’ve got seeds for BTD, Pink BTD, Black and Brown Boar and some others of Gate’s wild tomatoes…2011 will be the year of peace and love in the tomato gardens of KC!

  2. Rod McBride says:

    I want two of James’ BTD’s next year. I have to grow this fruit!

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