Wide, Wide, World of TomatoTown

We’ve had requests for wider shots of the garden here at TomatoTown, so Farmer J left her trusty macro lens inside.  Our garden is a bit on the wild side, which is good for critters. We’ve been to manicured gardens, and we admire them. We just prefer to let nature take its course, for the most part. Most of the sunflowers you see in the photos below are from the bird feeders. Farmer T just mows around them during the Spring. We like them, the birds like them, however, we have to photograph them fast as they get snacked on rather quickly.

So far, we’ve harvested three tomatoes, a Black Mauri, and two Early Girls. It is getting exciting around here!

Tomato Town, Basil, Herbs

The Back Porch and Herb Garden

Tomato, sunflowers, big, birds

A Riot of Sunflowers

Tomatoes, wide, grow, big,

Tomatoes on the Vine

Tomato town, sunflower,

Sunflower Rising Over TomatoTown

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