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Varieties – Tomato Town organically grows heirloom tomatoes in the greater Kansas City area as well as Johnson County, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Merriam KS, Independence MO and Kansas City Missouri, KCMO. Varieties include: Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Stupice, Carbon, Black Krim, Black Cherry, Yellow Pear, Absinthe and Aunt Ruby’s German Green.


Cherokee Chocolate

Cherokee Chocolate

We are avid fans of Cherokee Purple, a relative of this chocolate cousin. In fact, it was the Cherokee Purple that started us on this heirloom adventure. So we had to discover for ourselves what made the chocolate different. Certainly, this year we have enjoyed the flavor explosion of both varieties. But other garden forums […]



This has not been an ideal year for our grand experiment. We diversified our plots by planting some sixty varieties this year, literally planting varieties from A to Z. While the plants seem to be reviving after baking in the extreme temperatures of late summer, it was far from a normal growing season.  Consequently, it […]

Liz Birt

Liz Birt

Created by local tomato breeder Keith Mueller, this tomato is a pinkish-black beefsteak with green shoulders and a silvery sheen. Keith breeds his tomatoes for flavor and Liz Birt is an interesting mix of  smoky and sweet.  If you close your eyes, you can taste the attributes of the two tomatoes that were crossed in its […]

Linnie’s Oxheart

Linnie’s Oxheart

This monster tomato weighed in at 1.8 ounces Saturday at the annual tomato tasting. It beat out out a comparably-sized Black Krim by a single ounce. Oxhearts, as a variety, are typically meaty and tomato flesh edged out the juice on the scales. Landon Quigley, the owner of this fine specimen says he has also […]

Druzba, the tomato of friendship


Also known as Druzhba or Drushba. This friendly heirloom from Bulgaria has been a welcome addition to TomatoTown.  Druzhba means friendship in Bulgarian. The red, four inch, round fruits are juicy with a tart flavor and we’ve enjoyed them immensely this year.

Dr. Wyche's Yellow

Dr. Wyche’s Yellow

The late Dr. John Wyche owned the Cole Brothers Circus and used elephant manure to fertilize his heritage gardens. While we are doubtful that animal size effects the quality of the manure, the fruit this plant produces are majestic. This sweet-tasting, orange-fleshed specimen weighs in at one pound and has an excellent flavor.

Striped Roman, Varieties, TomatoTown

Striped Roman

The stunning colors of the Striped Roman have won us over at TomatoTown. Unfortunately, this year they have proven however to be especially prone to blossom rot and we’ve had few flawless specimens like this one.

Emerald Evergreen

Emerald Evergreen

With a deep yellow skin at peak ripeness, the lime-green flesh of this fruit is a refreshing surprise.

Omar’s Lebanese

Huge pink fruit, can grow as large as 3-4 lbs.! One of the largest tomatoes you can grow. The mammoth fruit have a superb flavor; sweet, perfect tomato taste. Good yields on vigorous plants; good tolerance to disease; a rare family heirloom from Lebanon. Perfect for anyone who wants to grow huge, tasty tomatoes.

Cour di bue

Cuor Di Bue

We adore the heart-shaped, sweet tasting Cuor Di Bue. An Italian Oxheart variety, this tomato is similar to Kosovo, a variety we thoroughly enjoyed last year. Every time Farmer T harvests a Cuor Di Bue, he exclaims, “We are going to grow a lot of these next year!” With a solid taste, this tomato has been […]

Liz Birt

On the Vine

Here is a brief tour of some of the tomatoes ripening on the vine here at TomatoTown.

Nepal, TomatoTown, Varieties


  The rich flavor of this variety from the Himalayas has proven to be a delightful addition to TomatoTown.  Earlier in the season Farmer T feared that we would lose the plant to sunscald.  It made a full recovery and the plant has produced a steady stream of these small round fruits.

Violet Jasper, heirloom tomatoes, purplish red and green stripes

First Heirloom!

(of the year) Striped and stunning, the Violet Jasper is an exciting tomato to find ripe on the vine. These were no blushers, they were dark and fully ripened. Farmer T popped one in his mouth and tried to remain neutral, but while the taste was good and sweet, the texture was unmistakably mushy. Hopefully, […]

The Mighty Cherokee

Cherokee Purple

According to heirloom tomato lore, in the early 1990’s, Craig LeHoullier received a packet of seeds from John Green of Sevierville, Tennessee. Green said the seeds were from a purple tomato Cherokee Indians gave to his neighbors 100 years ago. Through the years, Cherokee Purple’s siren song of sweet taste and strong yields have lured many […]

Early Girl, Tomato Town, First Tomato,

Celebrating Our 100th Post!

Wouldn’t you know it. The first tomato of the season is from an Early Girl VF Hybrid. A very good friend was selling tomato plants for a good cause, so we bought a couple plants as an experiment. Despite depositing both plants in the least hospitable area of the garden, they have done extremely well. […]

Tomato, green, Cour di bue, tasty, Tomatotown

My Precious!

The green globes of a Cuore di Bue beckons from the vine. While there is still much work to be done, it is always exciting to see the first tomatoes peeking out beneath the leaves. After several failed attempts with different methods, we’ve settled upon cattle panel to keep our plants standing tall.  There is some […]

Green is the new red

Oh Ruby!

Aunt Ruby’s German Green has been one of our favorite tomatoes this summer.  Few experiences rival the thrill of cutting into one of these fine, green beefsteak tomatoes.  With a table full of blushing tomatoes, one can be forgiven for thinking that Aunt Ruby is not yet ripe.  But the juicy taste of an Aunt […]

Kosovo pink oxheart


We were excited to grow this tomato and it has not disappointed.  The distinctive shape and color of the Kosovo makes it an exciting fruit to find on the vine.  The size of the fruit has certainly been impressive this summer. The legend is that this tasty variety was introduced to the United States by […]

Berkley Tie Dye

Turn on, tune in, drop out

  No, this is not an acid flashback.  No, this is not the latest photo from the Hubble Telescope. This is the psychedelic tomato we have been waiting to ripen all summer.  And the taste is groovy, baby. This is the Berkley Tie-Die. A multi-colored, striped tomato with one of the best paint jobs in […]

Rocket Man

We just love Opalka‘s funky, rocket-like shape.  Introduced in the United States in the early 1900s, this vivid red Polish variety is a meaty tomato with a rich, sweet flavor.  It makes quite a stir in any salad or salsa, but, with very few seeds, the Opalka is especially good in sauces. We’ve found that […]

Pear-shaped beauties

Japanese Black Trifele

Also known as a Black Russian Truffel Tomato, the Japanese Black Trifele is a welcome addition to TomatoTown. Luscious green-shouldered specimens that have a rich smoky flavor bring a special intensity to fresh tomato salads or a tomato-basil bruschetta.  Much like the Paul Robeson, they are highly-prized for their flavor, color and shape.

Keith Mueller

Keith Mueller is a local tomato breeder who is slowly changing the taste of tomatoes. His Purple Haze (not pictured here) is one of the most flavorful tomatoes we have ever tasted. We look forward to seeing him at this year’s tomato tasting.  

A prolific wonder


Sungold (or Sun Gold) cherry tomatoes are sweet and delicious. Great to eat right off the vine, excellent in salads and wonderful for snacking. You can’t beat them for their production, either. They were the first ripe tomatoes we had this year, and we can count on harvesting a handful every morning or whenever we […]

The Russians Are Coming!

  We’ve been extremely pleased with our tomato varieties from Russia. This year we are including a trio of our favorites:  Black Krim , Paul Robeson, and the (inappropriately named) Japanese Black Trifele. We’ve found the Russian varieties are especially flavorful.  Farmer J is a big fan of the prolific Black Krim.  And last year, every […]