Disco Dancing in TomatoTown

Tomato Town Returns!

Farmer T actually took disco dancing lessons with his mom and sister back in the 70’s, and thanks to Silver Reflective Mulch he can relive those sweet moves he learned, as TomatoTown has gone DISCO! Our garden is so bright, I’ve got to wear shades. Seriously. A welding mask might be more appropriate for daytime gardening activities.

Why go disco? Well … In our fourth year of tomato gardening, we decided that weeding is not something we enjoy. And, with the disease issues we’ve had in past years, it was time to try something to keep our tomatoes healthier.

Here’s what this shiny stuff is supposed to do:

– Drive away insects, including whiteflies and aphids.
– Help the plants photosynthesize faster.
– Keep the weeds down.
– Keep the soil more evenly moist.
– Help eliminate disease spread by insects.

It also increases your chances for blindness and skin cancer. All in the name of a good harvest! Farmer J is excited, as the silver stuff will provide nice light for her photographs.

Farmer T, blind as he already is, will be investing in better sunscreen and prescription sun glasses.

Our good friend and tomato master James Worley introduced us to silver reflective mulch last year and we had great results.

Farmer T, Hard at Work Planting Last Year

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