On Sunday, we paid a visit to James Worley, our good friend and tomato guru.  James has been hard at work this winter meticulously tending to some 80 varieties of tomato plants.

With so many varieties to choose from, it was difficult for us to decide what tomatoes to plant this year, but we carefully narrowed down our list by the beginning of March.  Although we don’t plan to collect our seedlings until May 1st, we couldn’t wait to check on their progress, so we stopped by the Worley greenhouses to sneak a peek.

For those of you at home who have not ordered plants yet, do not worry!  James has plenty of plants including exotic peppers and basil.  His list of tomato seedlings can be found here:  Worley’s Selections for 2011

We were absolutely thrilled to see how well they are progressing and can’t wait until we can plant them in a couple weeks.

James Worley Amidst his Seedlings

Our Babies

James Hard at Work Tending his Seedlings

James Hard at Work Tending his Seedlings

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  1. James says:

    WOW! You must have spent the last 4 days photoshopping that first picture! lol

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