Fencing the Prairie

Farmer T Hammers a Fence Post, Scaring Away the Baltimore Orioles.

After two years struggling with bamboo tomato tipis, Farmer J decided it was time to get serious. This year tomatoes in TomatoTown will grow vertically on stainless steel trellises. Following her parents’ model, Farmer J purchased feedlot panel and T posts. Once the fence is installed, it is a matter of carefully weaving the tomato plants in the fence.

When considering fencing tomatoes, it is important to select feedlot panel with openings that are wide enough. Our panels have rectangles that are 6 1/4 by 8 inches. This leaves plenty of room for healthy leaves and stems to be drawn through the gaps.

In the fifteen years that Farmer J’s parents have grown their tomatoes in this fashion, they have never had a problem. Farmer T’s only question is: why didn’t we do this sooner?

3 Responses to “Fencing the Prairie”

  1. Rod McBride says:

    I’m still debating between Florida Weave and plain old fashioned ties to my 2×2 stakes…

  2. James says:

    Farmer T is welcome to borrow my post driver so he doesn’t have to swing that sledgehammer in the shadow!

  3. admin says:

    James! Thank you! Next time we add to the farm, I’ll take you up on that. We are all done, and the tomatoes/peppers have finally been planted. Thanks for your kind offer!

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