The West 34

Farmer T, Hard at Work

Farmer T’s mom is worried that we are working too hard in our garden. “You don’t have TomatoTown, you have TomatoCountry!” She’s right. We started off with 34 plants in the west plot and 16 in the east plot. (Click on the photo for the video!)

Once we had the plants in the ground, we were depressed. I called a good friend of TomatoTown, Tammy L, and she suggested we were suffering from post-planting depression. The only way to cure that disease is to get more dirt. So we did. Our recent expansion will grow some tomatoes that we got from a man we met at James Worley’s Tomato Tasting event in 2009. In our expanded east plot, we will plant these super-special varieties that Farmer J nurtured from seed this spring. More on these super-secret varieties later.

Video Tech – The music is from Kevin MacLeod. The video is composed of approximately 600 images.

3 Responses to “The West 34”

  1. James says:

    NO WAY! Did you get plants from Keith? Please tell me you have Dora and Gary O’ Sena! Jealousy doesn’t begin to describe this!

    Great video…you two need your own HGTV show!

  2. admin says:

    Actually, I was THRILLED by the black pigmented varieties he brought to the tasting. The tomato he gave me had dark purple shoulders with redish-yellow globe. We’ll see if I manage to succeed in getting fruit. The tomato leaves were a darkish purple so I am hopeful.

    Thanks for the kind words on the video!

  3. James says:

    We need to gang up on Keith for next year…he’s got some of the coolest varieties out there and he’s right here in town. He’s a bit like batman though…does great things, but is hard to catch!

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