You Say Tomato

The venerable James Worley, tomato guru

On Saturday afternoon we paid a visit to James Worley, our favorite tomato aficionado.  James has been hard at work selecting and growing hundreds of heirloom tomato plants in his backyard greenhouse.  He is a great regional resource for tips on growing tomatoes and garden vegetables.

Here at Tomato Town, we are growing around 30 of the different tomato varieties James has for sale.  We’ll be growing a few old heirloom favorites like: Beam’s Yellow Pear, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Brandywine, and Farmer T’s favorite: Stupice.  However, we couldn’t resist the wide variety of colorful tomatoes he has on offer this year.  Farmer J is especially excited to try: Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Tigerella, Carbon, and the wildly psychedelic: Berkley Tie-Dye.

A Basket of Seedlings

A Basket of Seedlings

The Shadow knows good tomatoes...

It won’t be long before we’ll be planting these seedlings in the ground.

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