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A Perfect August Day For The Eighth Annual Tomato Tasting at The Local Pig

The crowd was thick and the weather was mild Saturday morning for the eighth annual Kansas City Tomato Times Tomato Tasting. It was difficult to keep up with slicing tomatoes for the steady stream of heirloom enthusiasts who arrived to taste the bounty of summer. More than 200 arrived to sample and discuss their plans for growing […]

It’s a Jungle in Here!

Plant Us! This is getting ridiculous! Our kitchen has become a very crowded nursery for our plantlings.  We managed to miss our planting window on Mother’s Day and heavy rains have prevented us from getting out and digging in the ground.  So we are left shuttling our tomatoes and peppers between porch and kitchen during […]

A gathering colorful heirlooms

The Count – July 26, 2009

  Tomato Town, by the numbers. Number of varieties planted: 20 Murdered ‘maters: 10 (approx.) due to squirrels, birds and worms. Total number harvested: 373 By variety: Black Krim: 32 Beam’s Yellow Pear: 81 Mortgage Lifter: 7 Stupice: 71 Black Cherry: 6 Paul Robeson: 2 (slacker!) Cherokee Purple: 46 Super Snow White: 11 Black Tula: […]

Julia on the vine. July 9, 2009

Julia Child – Sammich Makin’ Tomato

This lovely variety resembles the ampleness that was Julia Child. Gary Ibsen, who sells organic heirloom tomato seeds, was friends with Julia, and wanted to honor her. In 2001, he asked her what type of tomato she wanted to lend her name to. She replied, “Tasty, my dear.” I love her! Mr. Ibsen had some […]